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Hotel services

Cafe Esplanada

At the hotel Esplanada there is a cafe. Fresh and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, desserts, craft-drinks with instant delivery to your room.


Free Wi-Fi

At any time of the day at the hotel Esplanade works fast and free Wi-Fi. Work, play, communicate or watch your favorite TV shows – the choice is yours!


Baggage room

We will protect your most important and favorite things. Our free luggage storage and work around the clock for each guest in it there is a free cell.




The atmosphere of refined elegance and impeccable service, delicious cuisine of the cafe, doing “Esplanada” a great place to spend the wedding night.

Your personal tour guide from April 2017.

You can book a room for yourself at any time of the day, with help of our website, and if something will be not clear – ask our online consultant.

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