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Terms and Conditions of Booking

Booking of the rooms is provided for free. There are several ways to make a booking:

Through booking system on our website (online booking)
Multiplechannel telephone (812)313-24-52 , (812)766-25-80
You can also send your request for booking thru an e-mail : esplanada@yandex.ru

You should note: You name and surname, contact info and telephone number, e-mail address, period of staying, type of room. Booking is guaranteed, when you get confirmation of your booking and if you made a deposit for the first day of you staying period. Prepaid deposit is necessary in any season and for holidays.

Forms of Payment:

– by bank transfer;
– via payment terminals «Евросеть», «Связной» and via Russian Postal Service;
– via bank wire transfer (in case of split cash and non-cash payment).

When prepayment is not made non-guaranteed reservations at least 3 days before the expected arrival, but in the case of cancellation it must necessarily cancel.
If you cancel your booking less than 3 nights (in season* less than 7 days) before arrival will be charged a penalty of 1 night stay.

The season will be accepted only as guaranteed reservation.
If You cancel your booking more than 3 days (in season* up to 7 days), the Deposit will be fully refunded.
Overnight at the hotel are calculated from 12-00 to 12-00 the next day. * In the season settlement made with 14-00 as cleaning rooms. If the room is prepared, it is possibly an earlier settlement.
If you are planning to drive from 06:00 to 12:00, you should be ready to pay an additional 50% of one night cost for”Early check in”. Going from 12-00 till 00-00 paid for the Late check-out 50% of one night cost.
In the case of non-guaranteed reservations (without prepayment), no notification of late arrival, after 15.00 the reservation is automatically canceled.

Season from 28 April to 01 October.

Additional information
Children younger than 7 years stay free without extra bed and meals. If it is necessary, extra bed payment is made at full cost.

Rules of residence:

Payment is required in advance or upon check-in (from 12-00) in the current day. The payment for first day is full, no matter time of checking-in.
If Guest didn’t checked out in the day of (the day of rescission of a contract), before 12-00, then for all following time we charge per hours until 18-00, from 18-00 to 24-00 the cost is will be 50% of whole day-stay.
In case of preschedule departure ((escission of a contract from the Guest’s side (not later then day before the date escission of a contract)), we make a refund for left booked days (but not less then for one day) accordingly to regulations of Russian Federation.
In case Guest is not present to the time of checking out and in other necessary cases, administrator has the right to bring out the belongings of the Guest. In case of requeting a prolonging of staying in the hotel, administrator has the right to offer any other room, in case there any spare rooms.
The entrance and exit of the hotel is free and works 24 hours. Keys of the room should be left to administrator when leaving, and giving it to Guest only with presense of Guest Card. Guests allowed until 23 h with identification document and informing administrator about them in the Guest List. In case of need, for extra charge it’s possible for guests to stay for the night and get extra bed. Administration does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any deposited items that Guest keep in the rented room.
During occupancy of the room and whilst staying at the Hotel the Guests will comply with health and safety and fire regulations and electricity safety regulations displayed in the Hotel. In case of fire situation immideatly leave the building and inform the administrator. Fire extinguisher and signal button are in the hallway near the entrance door.
During occupancy of the room and whilst on Hotel premises the Guests will not:

— smoke in any room of Hotel except in designated smoking areas;
— keep weapons, drugs, items that could harm the enviroment or people’s haelth and any kind of forbidden items;
— use electrical heaters;
— bring and and allow people to stay in the hotel without cooperating with administrator;
— throwing out any items from the window.

While staying in Hotel the Guest must inform the administartor about any defects of equipment, without noting such information the Guest will will hold responsibility for all items that are suited in the room.Guest hold full material responsibility for any safety rules violations and in case of violations and damage caused to the Hotel premises (or contents), refunds the cost of the damage in full cost.

A “resident” bears full material liability for violation of rules of residence and fire safety rules. In the case of violations and material damage to the property of the Contractor and 3rd parties will reimburse it in full.
According to law No. 152-FZ, checking and processing of personal data, I agree.

Policies and hourly rates.

Payment for accommodation is charged in accordance with the uniform checkout time, 12. 00 hours of the current day. The payment for the first full day, regardless of settlement time (hours) .
If “Living” surrendered the premises on the departure day (the day of the termination date) before 12.00 hours, for the subsequent time is performed hourly until 18.00 (10% of the room rate) and up to 24. 00 the payment is half of the daily cost of living.